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Flexible e-commerce solutions provider

We deliver and operate online commerce solutions for leading software and game publishers, e-merchants and brands. Our flexible e-commerce platform brings you a global solution to maximize your online revenue, optimize your conversion funnel, reduce your costs and take advantages of the latest innovations in e-commerce.

In addition to our standard offer that includes tailored e-commerce development, order and product management, worldwide payments, tax management, physical and digital products fulfillment, we also provides innovative solutions to boost your online revenues such as in-app purchase, in-product store, mobile and PC shopping experiences, reseller store, facebook events. 

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In-App & In-Game Store

Make your software your best sales channel: equip it with best of breed in-app store capabilities.

Social Commerce

Create innovative sales operations on social networks.

Online Store

Empower your online sales with our state-of-the-art e-store solution.

Shopping Cart

Activate your e-commerce anywhere with an intuitive and secure check out.